YES! If you want to reserve your rental before you receive your room assignment, simply select “TO BE DETERMINED” for the residence hall and enter “TBD” in the room number field, but MAKE SURE to update this on your profile as soon as you receive your correct room info, or send us an email at info@myfridgerental.com and we will do it for you!

Yes, you can certainly place your order after this date. It is a recommendation that you place your order before July 31st to ensure the earliest possible delivery date and lowest possible price!

These schools ARE allowed to have two MicroFridges per room: Bowie State University, Fairmont State University, George Mason University, Howard University, Johns Hopkins University, Loyola University(MD), Marymount University, Notre Dame University(MD), Wilson College. 

These schools are NOT authorized to have two MicroFridges per room: American University, Georgetown University, Mount St Mary’s University, Salisbury University, UMBC. University of Maryland College Park. 

Yes, we deliver the unit directly to your room and pick up the unit directly from your room!

We will reach out to both customers to verify that the room information is correct. Then we will refund the person who has a shorter rental term or the person who submitted the order second, unless both students intentionally rented their own unit and the dorm allows multiple units in a room.

For liability reasons we can only accept a single order and one form of payment for each unit rented. After the order is placed with one roommate’s info, then you and your roommate can split the cost between yourselves. (There are now multiple online platforms to exchange money–Venmo, PayPal, etc.)

Please reply directly to your order confirmation email or send an email to info@myfridgerental.com with your order number and/or first and last name and we will reset your account password and provide your log-in credentials.

Rental terms vary depending on your school but usually you have a choice of renting the unit for the entire Academic School Year or a Single Semester.

All orders received before July 31st will be delivered directly to the student’s room prior to move-in  (with the exception of some early arrivals, late room changes, or other unforeseen circumstances) ), Our tentative delivery dates will be listed on our website  If the order is placed after July 31st, we will still attempt to deliver on the school’s earliest scheduled delivery date. If the order is placed after our scheduled delivery dates, we will deliver the unit on the next possible delivery date, usually no later than 1 week after your order is placed. Depending on the date of the order, we might coordinate directly with the resident to schedule a late-order delivery.

The All-Inclusive Warranty offered by MyFridgeRental.com (AE Rentals, LLC) covers damage or loss of any and all parts that come with the MicroFridge or Fridge unit, including damage or loss of the two shelves, three door bars, microwave plate, microwave ring, legs, brackets, and knobs. The All-Inclusive Warranty also covers any accidental damage through misuse by the customer, including damage to the fridge body, fridge doors, or microwave. (The replacement cost for a unit that is damaged or broken by the customer can be as much as $500.) All-Inclusive Warranty DOES NOT mean that the unit you receive will have zero dents or dings. The warranty simply covers you from any further damage to the rental unit. All-Inclusive Warranty DOES NOT cover: • Loss or Theft of the MicroFridge Unit (up to $500) • Returning the MicroFridge without being cleaned ($50) • Returning the MicroFridge after the scheduled pick-up date ($50) • Moving the MicroFridge without notifying MyFridgeRental.com ($50) • Any other fee not explicitly stated as being covered by the All-Inclusive Warranty. If the MicroFridge is lost or stolen, returned dirty, returned after the scheduled pick-up date, or moved to a new room without notifying AE Rentals, LLC, you will still be responsible for the associated fee even if you purchase the All-Inclusive Warranty.

The MicroFridge is 18-5/8″ W x 19-1/2″ D x 43-1/2″ H and weighs 88 lbs. The freezer is 0.7 cubic feet. The refrigerator is 2.1 cubic feet and the microwave is 0.6 cubic feet. All other product specifications can be seen by clicking the “Details” tab under the picture of a product after selecting your school from the home screen.

We do not rent microwave-only units because standalone microwaves do not meet the safety and energy efficiency needs that the school requires. Our MicroFridge unit is a fridge-freezer-microwave combo that all runs on a single plug and is 30% more energy efficient than standard dorm refrigerators.

If your school isn’t currently shown on the website, this means we do not regularly provide rentals to that school. However, we try our best to fulfill all order requests within the Mid-Atlantic region, so please select the Contact Us tab to send us your special request. We will try our very best to provide the rental, depending on location, unit availability, and number of rentals received from that school.

The delivery dates are determined by the school based on when we have access to the residence halls. We usually deliver the fridges a few days before student move-in, in some cases we are able to coordinate deliveries with the school prior to early arrivals but we can not always accommodate every individual customer’s special circumstances. In order to have the best possible chance of receiving your order before your early arrival date, be sure to order by July 31!

If your residence hall or room number is changed BEFORE the unit is delivered, reply directly to your order conformation email  or send us an email at info@myfridgerental.com with the new information. If you switch residence halls or rooms AFTER the unit is delivered, update “Your Order Profile” to show the correct residence hall and room number that the unit is moved to or send us an email at info@myfridgerental.com with the new information. If you would like us to move the unit for you, click the “Request Service” button for your product. A $50 fee will apply if we need to move the unit for you.

If you switch residence halls or rooms when you currently have the fridge, you have two options to have the unit moved: 

1) You can carefully move the unit yourself, then reply directly to your order confirmation email or send an email to info@myfridgerental.com to provide the updated location and we will manually edit your room information. 

2) If you would like us to move the unit for you, reply directly to your order confirmation email or email us directly at info@myfridgerental.com and let us know the  room that you need the unit moved to. A $50 relocation fee will apply if you choose this option. NOTE: we must be notified of relocation requests at least 5 business days ahead of the scheduled move to ensure we can coordinate when you still have access to your previous assignment. 

We will repair or replace the unit at no charge to you. Please select “Request Service” on your customer profile immediately if you feel the unit is not working properly or send us an email at info@myfridgerental.com. You can also reply directly to your original order confirmation email.

The units are deep cleaned with general purpose cleaner, sanitizer, and mild bleach as-needed. There is an 18 point cleaning and maintenance checklist that our warehouse team completes on every fridge, and it receives a final wipe down before installation. They do not need to purchase the pre-paid cleaning service to receive the rental in that condition, it protects them from having to return it in that condition when they are done with the rental term

The taxes and fees combine for total of 6% of the order cost which is the normal sales tax rate for MD, but is broken down into 2 parts- 3% for the sales tax on the “unit portion” of the rental, and 3% processing fees.

We recommend renting instead of purchasing for the following reasons:

  • You get the convenience of straight to your door delivery and pickup directly from your room at the end of the term, which eliminates hassle on move-in and move-out day.
  • Rentals are more cost effective, especially if you consider splitting the cost with a roommate.
  • You don’t have to worry about transporting and storing the unit over the summer for the following school year.
  • If you move off campus and have a full size kitchen available the following year, you would be paying much more for a unit you may not have any use for.

However, If you are still interested in buying a unit, you can purchase from MicroFridge.com (direct from our distributor) for $745.99.

All units are picked up directly from the student’s room at the end of the rental term, and we coordinate this date directly with the school. The pickup schedule and instructions will be emailed before the end of the rental term, and the date will be posted when you login to your profile. If you are moving out before the pickup date, you will still follow all cleaning instructions PLEASE READ THE PICK-UP INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY TO AVOID ADDITIONAL FEES.